LOCATIONValaoritou 4, Thessaloniki
CLIENTKyklos Jewelry
DESIGNJuly - August 2019
CONSTRUCTIONOctober - December 2019
ARCHITECTURAL STUDYPetros Fragopoulos design group
TEAM LEADERFragopoulos Petros - Interior designer
DESIGN TEAMKyroudi Maria - Architect engineer & Vronteli Alexia - Interior designer
CONSTRUCTION MANAGERKatsioura Angeliki - Interior designer
PHOTOSNikos Vavdinoudis - Christos Dimitriou /

In the center of Thessaloniki, in an area with a significant commercial history where handicrafts and shops coexisted, the office of Petros Fragopoulos design and architecture group, undertook the design and implementation of the handmade jewelry showroom – KYKLOS. The 220 sq. space is located on the second floor of a typical commercial building of the 70’s with large single openings and open floor plan. Customers’ demand was the housing of the workshop in combination with the jewelry showroom. The workshop space was separated from the other functions and was isolated at the back of the building, utilizing the light of the large openings and the privacy of the uncovered space of the plot. On the contrary, the showroom and the offices of the e-shop are located in communication with each other facing the street.

The showroom is conceived as an artistic installation that incorporates the rough and simple style of the building combined with the refined nature of the jewelry. The space itself is a sculpted creation of materiality and geometry that balances between its contrasts and outbursts. Dynamic red is part of the neutral palette of vertical and horizontal structural elements and coatings.

The projection constructions made by IPE metal, black lacquer and clear glass are aligned in parallel with the main peripheral axes of the space and frame the main part of the showroom, where an imposing red carpet is located with a direct reference to jewelry luxury. Within the boundaries of the carpet coexist harmoniously scenographic and functional elements. The metal bookcase with a large hanging sliding mirror that creates hidden storage place, and monochrome white objects frame the central composition. With the formation of the wooden construction made of birch coating and the use of mirror on the perimeter surfaces, the private recessed projection space becomes autonomous, while at the same time it maintains the synthetic continuity with the rest of the space, by confusing the boundaries.

The e-shop workspace, in a functional continuum with the workshop’s protected area, was designed as a semi-enclosed but accessible to the visitor unit. The opening of the partition wall was made in an artificial sculptural way, referring to a concrete element that has been broken, connecting the space of the showroom with the e-shop.

The main construction interventions in the space are enhanced by the careful configuration of the lighting and the selection of mobile equipment. Ceiling spots with targeted lighting comprise the general lighting of the space, while hanging ceiling lights are placed on the display tables and the worktable. The vertical red IPE at the entrance with the built-in vertical hidden linear light signals the entrance. White roll tops are used in order to isolate the external visual noise and to extend the white perimeter canvas of the interior masonry. Finally, furniture was chosen as complementary elements of each composition and not as standing out individual items.

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